Oskar Dahlberg

D e v e l o p e r

About me

My name is Oskar and I have a rich experience of programming in a multitude of languages. I started programming at a very early age; I didn't start easy either, I started programming with C++. For me there's just always been that drive and passion to learn and develop my understanding of the complex technologies we all use on a day-to-day basis.

During my experience I have worked on so many different projects related to software and Web development. I've done everything from creating software that dynamically modifies executable files to avoid Anti-Cheating software with the software itself ending up with over 30,000 active users in 2016-2017, to building my own fully functional object oriented scripting language in C++. I have also created many UI and other frameworks for C++ developers, one of them coming with it's own editor.

As I grow and develop as a person, I realize that the reason as to why I have created all of these things are because of one simple "way of life", they all started with one question that I asked myself: "How does it work?". This question has been the one thing pushing me forward with my motivation higher than ever.